Postcards for May 9

May 9 is a great holiday!

May 9 is one of the most important holidays in our country. The day of Victory in the great Patriotic war has a unique character; it is perfectly coexist quite contradictory concepts: tragedy, sadness, joy, happiness, love. This holiday is truly great and deserved by our people: its blood, uninhabited life is destroyed by families.

We should not forget that this holiday, unfortunately, over the years, the meaning and idea get tired. Increasingly, this great holiday is becoming a tradition to drink and barbecue outdoors, so as not to go to work. Tell your children and grandchildren what loss our country suffered, how bravely their grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt fought. What an impossible contribution was made by people working in factories day and night to provide the army with everything necessary for the protection of the Motherland and the complete elimination of external threats.

Memory must be handed down from generation to generation, history must teach and remind us of all the horrors of war. People need to understand what they can lose overnight and how difficult and expensive it is to get a good night's sleep, children's smiles and a hearty table back.

Congratulations to veterans, their families, friends and colleagues with victory in great Patriotic war . the postcard for may 9 will be a great addition to your words or as a sign of attention, which is often lacking. To say a sincere thank you to those who died defending our country, our Fatherland.


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