Calendar Designer

Get the calendar in the original style!

Online designer Make-DP, will simplify the creation of a calendar of your own design. You can personify your creative idea and enough just realize your desires. You will be able to use such functions as: uploading your images, logos and unique design elements.

Any user can make a calendar in the designer, regardless of knowledge and skills. This is a great chance to get a calendar with your favorite photo, original style and unmatched design, which can not be found in the store.


Available calender sizes

Calendar 100 mm x 70 mm

Calendar 100 mm x 70 mm

Layout size: 105 mm х 75 mm
Indentation for trimming: 2.5 mm from the edges of the layout
Secure Zone: 3 mm from the edge of the trimming
Size of the finished calendar: 100 mm х 70 mm