Make-DP: Online Print Designer
Get the finished product in 3 steps:
Step 1. Create a layout in the designer
Step 2. Download it in a convenient format| PDF, JPEG, PNG
Step 3. Print the layout of the house| or the nearest printing house
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Online Designer

With us, you do not become a hostage of the situation "Waiting - Reality"

Make-DP is an online designer of standard printed products: business cards, cards, invitations, calendars, leaflets.

At the output of the designer you get a ready-made layout of the created products, you can download it in PDF, PNG, JPEG format, and then print it in the printing house or wherever you like.

You can use the online designer from your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Of course, there are difficulties in working on smartphones with a small screen resolution, but if necessary, you can make a layout.

The functions put into the designer are enough to create a decent layout without resorting to the services of a professional designer. This is an excellent opportunity, not possessing the skills of working in graphic editors, to show creativity, to project onto the screen, and then onto paper, the design you invented.

With us you will not become a hostage to the situation "Waiting - Reality", because the finished result, in online mode, is always in front of you.

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We demonstrate the work in the designer, share secrets and experience.
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At the output of the constructor, you get a
ready layout for printing
Download the mockup
The layout is available for download in PDF, JPEG, PNG.
The PDF format is ideal for printing! The whole text is stored in "curves", this ensures that there is no "noise" around the text.
The JPEG format has a resolution of 300 dpi, which ensures good print quality.
The PNG format with minimal compression, and 300 dpi resolution will provide high-quality printing.
Print the layout yourself
or at the nearest printing house
Print layout
High-quality printing will ensure the correct layout format.
Layout in PDF format
Evaluate the possibilities of PDF, it will save you from "blurring" and "noise" around the text
PDF increased 20 times
Picture (300 dpi) increased 20 times
Layout in PNG or JPEG format
The difference in pictures in the resolution of 300 dpi and 96 dpi is obvious, super-magnification is not required.
Picture (300 dpi) increased 3 times
Picture (96 dpi) increased 3 times
For high-quality printing,
we recommend using the PDF format